SENSE | s – The psychology of getting close

Tuesday, 23. April 2024 - 0:00 to Sunday, 7. July 2024 - 23:45

For her series SENSE I s, Hungarian jewelry designer Csenge Diriczi (*1997) focused on emotional and physical closeness between people. For her master's thesis, she defined eleven phases of getting close and, based on these, created a conceptual jewelry collection that makes use of narrative design. The result are copper casts that depict contact surfaces and capture moments of touch. The series depicts the stages of getting close - from the perception of a person to passionate or platonic love and the formation of fulfilling relationships. The stages of connection are illustrated with the help of temporarily frozen movements that embody the different levels of intimacy.

Csenge Diriczi researched the human need to form social bonds. She investigated the factors that turn strangers into friends or partners, the developmental and possible classifications of romantic relationships and the experience of togetherness in a digital realm. The title SENSE|s literally points to a sensual experience. It visualizes the process of two people getting closer, both from an external and an internal perspective. At the points where a copper plate lies between the bodies, the sensation is reflected back at you. Instead of another body, you feel inside yourself and can thus find your very own personal definition of getting close and love.

Csenge Diriczi works as a freelance jewelry designer in Budapest, Hungary. From 2019 to 2021, she completed a master's degree in metal and jewelry design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. SENSE I s is her graduation project. She participated in exhibitions in Hungary and Slovakia and won the Audience Award at Budapest Jewelry Week 2023.