We are an internationally oriented, cultural institution functioning on a public service basis.
Our primary concern is the promotion and support of contemporary trends in jewelry as well as in metal hollow- and flatware design. Providing young gold- and silversmiths with a forum for the general public through competitions, exhibitions, and publications is one of our most important objectives.
We promote the awareness and acceptance of art jewelry as well as limited edition production or classic one-of-a-kind jewelry. In the meantime, contemporary jewelry and silverware have become coveted collectors' items. A special venue for exhibitions is offered by the Hanau museum, the German Goldsmiths' House, which has been under the direction of the Association for Goldsmiths' Art since April 1, 2006.

Our Objectives:

  • Promotion of contemporary design trends in jewelry, hollow- and flatware, without restriction as to material or technique, through competitions and exhibitions as well as publishing activities and publicity specifically for these events.

  • Preservation of traditional gold- and silversmith techniques through competitions with the theme of new design concepts utilizing these techniques (granulation, filigree, enamel, etc.).

  • Support and encouragement of young gold- and silversmiths through specific information on training and further education, promotional prizes, and advice on the organization of exhibitions.

  • Organization and maintenance of an archive on art jewelry, hollow- and flatware design of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Awards conferred by the Association for Goldsmiths' Art

  • Golden Ring of Honor: The Golden Ring of Honor of the Association for Goldsmiths’ Art is awarded in recognition of excellence of artistic achievement as a goldsmith, or for exemplary activity in the training of the next generation and in public service in the field of goldsmiths' art. Since 1932, 41 internationally recognized artists have been honored with the ring. The most recent honorees are: Tone Vigeland, Otto Künzli and Robert Smit.

  • Golden Medal: The Golden Medal is awarded to honor members of the Association for Goldsmiths’ Art who have given exceptional volunteer service to the Association. Among others Hans Martin (1995), former Lord Mayor of Hanau, Walter Behning (2003) and Curt-Albert Neumetzger, Hanau (2013) are recipients of the Golden Medal.