Elisabeth Holder. From Jewellery to Contextual Art

Sunday, 21. April 2024 - 0:00 to Sunday, 25. August 2024 - 23:45
Elisabeth Holder. Farbfunde. Foto und variables Wand-Schmuck-Objekt. 2023. Eloxaldruck, Acrylglas, Edelstahl, Magnete. Foto: Eunok Cho

The exhibition shows the work of artist and professor Elisabeth Holder and illustrates her creative development. Coming from classical jewellery making, she placed jewellery in relation to ancient symbols and the ornament that has emerged from them, led the examination of material in the field of tension between mastery and dialogue and finally posed the fundamental question of what jewellery is and what jewellery can be. This led to a paradigm shift. Jewellery was placed in new contexts. Examples from contextual areas such as architecture and nature illustrate how such jewellery is site-specific intervention and contextual art.